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With the increasing use of cell phones, spam message has become a heated problem. According to a survey, on average, people receive about 40 pieces of spam message per month. Spam message can disturb, confuse, or even threaten people at any time.

Generally, there are two tesons for the spam epidemic. On one hand, due to the face that text message is a comparatively cheap channel, many companies take advantage of it to advertise their products or servies. Whether people are willing to receive the message is neglected. On the other hand, those holding lots of imformation on cell phone users sell the information and make money our of it.

To solve the problem of spam message, people should make joint efforts. The government should set up laws to severely punish the illegal advertisers and those who disclose information. Cell phone researchers and developers should upgrade the products and enable them to delete the spam automatically. Should people ace together, they will be free from the spam message.

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