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Jean is a bright young woman who comes from a rich and famous family. She goes to a good university and has everything that money can buy. Well, almost everything. The problem is that the people in Jeans family are so busy that they can hardly find time to be with her. In fact, Jean is quite lonely.

So Jean spends a lot of time on her QQ. She likes being anonymous(), talking to people who do not know about her famous family and her rich life. She uses the name Linda on QQ and has made a lot of friends who she keeps in touch with quite often.

Last year Jean made a very special friend on QQ. His name was David and lived in San Francisco. David was full of stories and jokes. He and Jean had a common(ͬ) interest in rock music and modern dance. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ and sometimes they even forgot their time. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. David sent a picture of himself: He was a tall, good-looking young man with a big, happy smile. As time went by, they became good friends and often sent cards and small things to each other.

When Jeans father told her that he was going on a business trip to San Francisco, she asked him to let her go with him so that she could give David a surprise for his birthday. She would take him the latest DVD of their favorite rock singer. But when she knocked on Davids door in San Francisco, she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim!


1. Jean spends a lot of her time on QQ because she is _______.

A. rich B. famous C. young D. lonely

2. Jean thought David was special because he _______.

A. made her quite happy on QQ B. was from San Francisco

C. sent her a picture of himself D. was tall and good-looking

3. When Jean and David met and introduced themselves to each other, who felt surprised?

A. David. B. Both David and Jean. C. Jean. D. Neither David nor Jean.

4. Whats the main idea of the passage?

A. Dont believe those you get to know on QQ so easily. B. People dont use their real names on QQ so often.

C. Dont go to meet those you get to know on QQ. D. People should tell their real names to others on QQ.


1. ѡDɵ1εľӡIn fact, Jean is quite lonely. ֪ѡD

2. ѡAJeanΪDavidĬȤҡִֺϺйͬȤǿϿֵϼСʱȻDavidʹJeanܿġѡA

3. ѡCµһ䡭she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim!ǣJeanһ12Сʱһ̾ŽβȻûֱ˵JeanеȣǿԴƶϳĸоӦʮsurprised(ȵ)

4. ѡAĽJean˸ʮͶԵѣȴֶԷԭֻһ12Скͨ£ڸDzҪQѣѡA



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